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Ref: Jenelyn Nagrampa, Convenor of Women’s Movement Against Balikatan (WOMB)

We just recently commemorated the International Working Women’s Day last March 8, but this year’s commemoration carries a special meaning more so for Bicolano women because the Balikatan exercises are to be conducted on the region. We celebrated our womanhood by marching on the streets and forming an alliance called Women’s Movement Against Balikatan (WOMB) to show our vehement opposition against the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the Balikatan.

WOMB symbolizes the nurturing character of women who are willing to give their all to protect their children against harm. The Balikatan will definitely put Bicolanos in harm’s way not only because of the military operations to be conducted by US and Filipino troops but due to the moral decay they will bring to the region.

The presence of the US forces in the region will further aggravate prostitution and the use of illegal drugs and substances, which is already a deep-rooted social problem that our government refuses to resolve. Add to this the fact that in the 1990’s GABRIELA has filed over 97 cases of rape and sexual assault against various US servicemen in Subic and Clark. Fifteen of these cases involved children as victims. Aside from these three thousand other cases of sexual abuse involving both women and children were also filed during 1980 – 1988. All of these cases are unresolved. Not even one US serviceman was punished.

We hope that Nicole is the last victim of the VFA and we are calling on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to immediately scrap this onerous treaty and cancel the Balikatan exercises. We as Filipinas should also assert the sovereignty of our country.

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